Getting started

(It's easy)

The bravEd Way was designed so that it could scale the content according to the specific needs of schools, districts, states, and various consortia. A wide variety of licensing options is available to meet the needs of each.

Users are welcome to do a simple purchase directly through the portal, but we strongly encourage the formation of networks and consortia that can offer each other support and encouragement in the process of converting to True Accountability. We offer special pricing to groups of schools and districts interested in working together that are steeply discounted from the prices you see listed here.

While the free introductory modules are listed on the landing page individually, all paid content consists of bundles that contain multiple modules. Depending on the bundle, access can be offered to the entire staff of a school or district.

All access is on a one year license from the date of purchase, and during the year the content within purchased modules and/or bundles is always available. Progress through a module is tracked for you so you can see where you've been, but you can always go back and are strongly encouraged to do so.

If you are interested in multi-person licenses, those must be purchased directly through bravEd.